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2017 Summer School


August 02, 2017 6:00 am - August 06, 2017 5:00 pm

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Plymouth University

2017 Summer School

Join us for our annual 5 day summer school with Sensei Jones! This year we will be going to Plymouth, UK.


Accommodation/Dojo – At the moment it is likely that we will be renting student accommodation and a student hall. Accommodation is normally 16.50 GBP, but we think we can get it for 15 GBPper person per night. The dojo space will also be university owned, hopefully it will be free, but it does depend which room we end up getting. At worse, dorms and dojo will be 5-10 minutes from each other walking. Depending on the dorm we get, there will be 5-10 people per “suite”. Each suite will have one kitchen and at least two bathrooms and showers.

Food/Catering – As mentioned earlier, at worst we will have 2-3 kitchens at our disposal. If needed, we can cook our meals with a reasonable rotation and max prep work before SS starts. We hope that we can get catering, or at least partial catering (breakfast and lunch) but still researching to a) find caterers and b) make sure cost is reasonable. Will be in contact to make sure everyone’d dietary needs are met.

Laundry – There are laundry facilities in the building. These should be coin operated so people can just go down and wash whatever whenever.

Finance – As always, if you cannot attend because of financial reasons, please let us know. There should be some funds available and we want to enable as many people as possible. Unlikely we can buy everyone’s flight, but if you need a boost, please please please contact Kim!

Planes, Trains, and Buses – The closest airports to Plymouth are Exeter and Bristol. However, it is unlikely to find reasonable flights to those places as they are small. London airports (Heathrow, Gatwick) will have more choices. In case you do land at an odd time and someone can’t pick you up, it is easy (and relatively inexpensive) to take a bus directly to Plymouth or Bristol (a possible place for people to meet up before a south-west)

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