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August 31, 2017 7:00 pm 9:00 pm

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Full Circle Yoga


Classes at the Longmont branch of Aikido Shugenkai are taught by Paula Lydon. She currently holds a Menkyo teaching license.  We are based in Longmont, Colorado and we serve the communities of Longmont, Niwot, Erie, Firestone, Berthoud, Boulder, Loveland, and surrounding areas. 

Aikido is a non-violent Japanese Budo, or martial way, which enriches the life of the participant by providing tools for coping with daily challenges.  It is a wonderful discipline which many people worldwide have found to be extremely beneficial.  Beyond being an effective system of self defense, Aikido helps develop skills in stress management, conflict resolution, and increasing the amount of peace in one's life.

Classes are offered for those 16 years old and up at Full Circle Yoga, 519 Main Street, Longmont, please call us at (970) 231-1784 or check us out on Facebook at

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