At least I think it was '98. Could have been a different year. At any rate, we went out to Half Moon Bay to do water misogi in the Pacific ocean.

This was one of those ocean misogis where the temperature is not as big of an issue as not getting knocked on your butt by the waves. Well, we all took hands and marched out in the surf, and everyone was holding on to each other so no one would get swept out. My stepson, Ben (I don't think he'll mind me telling this story) was inbetween two other people, I forget who, and they were holding his hands tightly. Well, this one big wave hit, and it started taking Ben's shorts with it! But he couldn't pull them up because the other guys wouldn't let go of his hands. He didn't lose them completely, but it was a close call, and it made for a very memorable misogi for him.

I think this might have been the same year that I learned a lesson in situational awareness when, after the misogi, we were watching the video of it (Ken had set a tripod up on the beach), and all of a sudden my big derriere took up the entire field of view. I've been camera-shy ever since, and I almost always know where one is set up so as to avoid standing directly in front of it.

Glenn Orr

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