"You must realize this!
Aiki cannot be captured with the brush
Nor can it be expressed with the mouth
And so it is that one must proceed
to realization” – Ueshiba O-Sensei


How do our students interpret this?


“Aiki cannot be obtained through education, must be realized through one’s self awareness and understanding. I like this one.” - Gerry Sidney (California)

“I believe O-Sensei meant language is an unsuitable vessel for the study of Aiki. Language needlessly complicates and often serves to limit what can be understood, especially within practice. For there to be growth, Aiki must be felt and experienced firsthand. O-Sensei wanted Aikidoka to progress in this way, their learning and exploration unhindered by the limitations of language. “ - Will Smallwood (Florida)

“My understanding about this doka is about the path to comprehension of Aikido. I believe the founder is referring to the fact that talking about it or writing about it doesn't really help with understanding what Aikido is. He may also be referring to the fact that traditional analysis of Aikido will not aid your realisation of the feeling behind it. What he may be referring to is that it is only experiencing Aikido and comprehending the feeling and emotions behind it that one proceeds to realisation of the way.” - Chandni Rosser ( Oxford)

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